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posted on 17th April 2019

Ask yourself a few questions when your installing and terminating cables

  • Will the materials and coatings survive long-term without degradation ?
  • Will the electrical resistance remain stable ?
  • Will the terminations remain secure and support the performance of the cable ?
  • Will the whole assembly survive short-circuits and surge-currents ?

Important questions deserve considered answers; thermal interactions can be very complex, materials can inter-diffuse (with disastrous results) and a poor termination process can nullify the quality of a whole system.

LML Products pre-terminated cables provide critical interconnections in many systems which must perform under high stress over many decades. They use optimized materials, manufacturing, control, and testing to ensure maximum performance at a Low cost; they are designed to perform.

LML can help you specify the correct size, type and coatings for the cable. We can also specify the best possible method of termination and validate the whole assembly with simulation and testing.

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